- BREAKING NEWS: Brand new CD album "Distorted Information" will be released for well known franco-spanish label UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS in the first half of 2017. Album will be promoted inbetween others on June 2nd 2017 at Wave Gotik Treffen Festival (Moritzbastei Catacombe), Leipzig-Germany.

- Principia Audiomatica finally preparing tracks for new 2nd long awaited album..

- Principia Audiomatica is performed live 24th Jan 2014 @ City Culture Center in Užice, Srbija.

- Until then you can listen new track with spanish project Die-6- aka Ismael Martinez and his 1st album "Back.te.riality + Mix.te.riality" for swedish label Funk Noir 36. Inbetween some other artists on album are also Andrew Lagowski, Esplendor Geométrico, Absolute Body Control, Geistform, Plastic Noise Experience, etc..

- Principia Audiomatica is back.
I have reactivated 2010 this project to continue the legacy and preserve the memory of my dear friend and project colleague Siniša Očurščak (Principia member '94 - '97 R.I.P.) whose premature death has left a large gap in the hearts of dark electronic fans worldwide.